For Business

Businesses are managing photo archives on a daily basis without even realizing it. In larger organizations, the management of photo content is often formalized and centralized within creative marketing teams. Without this large organizational infrastructure, individuals in small to medium size businesses are often struggling to keep photos organized and distributed to stakeholders who need them to complete business processes or to sell products.

Along with photo organization for family photo collections, we offer photo organization for business. At our core, we are digital asset managers with experience and background in web content management and digital content migration.

Business related photo archives grow organically over time. In year one, digital photos are often manageable and even after a few years in. But once the  photo collection has grown into thousands of images with different resolutions for different applications, along with a multitude of stakeholders banging your door down—things start to get complicated.

Centralize the management of your photo archive

Our services can be tailored to large organizations who need freelance help within their marketing departments, small to medium size businesses who need a vendor to consult on appropriate solutions and to provide organizational services or professional photographers who need help with their digital photo workflow.

Our Services

1. Consulting
We’ll assess your current situation and make recommendations based on your goals, your budget and your stakeholders (users who need to access the content of your photo library).

2. Photo Organization – Level 1 – Folder structure work
Batch renaming, duplicate clean out, folder structure architecture

3.  Photo Organization – Level II or File Preparation for Migration into an online Digital Asset Management (DAM) system
Are you trying to get on to a web platform subscription service to distribute files to stakeholders and secure an online backup of your photo archive? We can help with metadata inclusion and file cleanup in preparation for migration.

4. Migration  into a DAM System
Do you want to move your photo library into an online system like Libris or Photoshelter,  but need help migrating the content?  We can help with:

  • Web Content Management Setup
  • Content Uploading
  • Content Mapping – making sure content in your archive gets to its new home
  • Setup of roles – do you need to give multiple stakeholders access to photos within the system?
  • General administration and setup of the Content Management System

5. Ongoing DAM
If you don’t have a dedicated person to manage your growing photo library, consider outsourcing the management of your photo archive to us. After migration, we can provide quotes for ongoing services for online content management of your digital assets.

Contact Nancy Nickels to discuss.