*My photos don’t sync on any of my Apple devices, my Mac computer hangs and is slow when working with photos. Can you help me?

Some computer issues manifest themselves through performance problems when managing photos—either on Apple or PC platforms. Distinguishing between what may be an IT issue and a photo organizational issue may be difficult. If you’re not sure where to start to even describe the problem, we may be able to help bring definition to your issue over the phone and make referrals to an appropriate professional for resolution. However, we do not provide urgent IT technical support either by phone or by on-site visit for computer-based IT issues.

If you need help getting up and running again, we recommend your first line of defense be Apple Care or Apple phone support, a Genius Bar visit to your local Apple store or an on-site visit from your IT professional. After your computer-based IT issue is resolved, we can assist long-term if the issue you’re experiencing is the result of a photo collection that is too large to manage effectively anymore.

* What do photo organizers do?

Personal Photo Organizers are a group of private business owners who offer a variety of customized photo organization, content management and consulting services. We are your partner and coach in managing your photographic media content and we help build bridges from analog to digital technology so you can share your photos with others seamlessly using both print and digital solutions.

Typical services can range from:

  • Helping clients with their existing system to sort and organize their photos
  • Creating a completely new system or workflow
  • Producing one-off unique solutions like custom photo books for a special event
  • Managing long-term projects that involve a lifetime’s worth of photos and migrating them into a digital archive
  • Organizing digital and printed photographs or albums
  • Converting outdated media into digital formats
  • Installing back-up systems
  • Technology instruction, coaching and education
  • Scanning prints, slides and negatives
  • Acting as your photo mentor

Learn more about how to work with a professional photo organizer.

* Do I attempt to clean things up before I call you?

No, absolutely not! The value of our service is that we help you get organized and help define what your needs are based on your current situation. We will take you through a process that will help focus your goals in relation to your family photo collection. Don’t stress about getting organized enough to call us or try to figure out what you want. We will help you do that. Call us at any time or at any place you are in the process of your project and we can help get your family photo collection in the shape you want it to be in.

Learn more about road blocks to getting organized.

* I’ve already organized my photo collection. Do I still need your service?

Absolutely! The advantage you have is that you have sorted out a lot of the chaos and we can jump right in and help you rationalize your family photo collection. Don’t automatically assume you have to digitize everything to make organizing these materials worthwhile. Digitizing a lifetime’s worth of photographic materials is expensive and often unnecessary. We can help you identify priorities and consult on the storage and preservation of your existing photographic materials so that you understand the risk of not digitizing something. We usually recommend digitizing the material that means the most to you if it was lost. Rationalization is the step of setting goals and priorities and matching your budget to it. Sharing your photo collection with others is one of the highest priorities our clients have. We can help you get there.

Learn more about rationalizing your photo collection.

* How do we get started?

If you have:

  • photos in a shoe box, old photo albums, a computer full of unorganized digital photos that are not being shared
  • a need to downsize and don’t know what to do with the family photos
  • inherited your family’s photo collection
  • a desire to secure your family story and legacy

We can help you get organized. We usually start off with you filling out our online questionnaire or with a short 20 minute phone call to discuss your needs. Contact us today to get started.


* How can I do a better job at sharing my photos with my family?

With today’s technology, there are lots of  easy, fun and creative ways to share photos with family. Some people like the tradition of photo albums and want to continue to print their digital photos. Custom designed photo books that tell stories or have captions are also a great way to present old photos in a new way. If you want to share family photos on the web with family long distance, there are many photo management applications and tools along with customized digital archives that can be created in third-party web software applications. Our specialty is to assess your family’s needs around how they will best be able to enjoy your photo collection and we help to provide that solution.

Learn more about Family Photo Sharing.

* Why are my family photographs fading and what can I do about it?

Unfortunately, photographic print papers will fade and change colour over time. This fading or deterioration process can be accelerated due to improper storage materials or improper storage conditions like keeping your photos in a hot attic or damp basement or  by hanging wall photos in direct sunlight. Scanning prints into digital format preserves them for the next generation. If you still have your film negatives or slides then it is always best practice and higher quality to scan from your original film.

Learn more about proper storage recommendations for your photographic materials.

* How do you do your scanning?

We use reputable third-party scanning companies for high volume and specialized scanning. Our vendors care about your memorabilia and have a trusted reputation for quality and service. For customized or personalized scans that may require minimal photo restoration using Adobe Photoshop, we use an in-house professional Epson V700 high resolution photo and negative scanner and do our own basic restoration. For more complex restoration work, we can refer you or provide third-party estimates. The sheer volume of materials that many of our clients possess does not allow us to do the scanning completely in-house on our own, however we work with quality scanning services through our partner network in Toronto, Canada.

* I have VHS tapes, Super 8mm film and audio tapes. Do you do outdated media conversion?

Yes, we can help advise you on outdated media conversion. We work with our third-party suppliers to provide you with high quality outdated media conversion for all elements of your family photo collection. If we can’t help you directly, we’ll help you find a vendor who can. You can let us handle it or we can refer you directly.

Learn more about Outdated Media Conversion services.

* I’m not good with technology or computers, how can you help?

Not everyone has the time or interest to learn new technology. Family Photo Fix can help. We adapt to your needs and work at your pace to explain things if you want to learn how to do things on your own. If you don’t want to know what and why we’re doing certain things, that’s okay too. We can just get the job done. Either way, this means we can work with a diverse group of people with special needs and provide training when necessary according to your needs. If you want to improve your technical skills with your digital photography collection to be self-sufficient in the future, we can help coach you.

Learn more about our Coaching for Digital Photo Management service.

* What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque and Interac e-transfer. Please note: NSF cheques and e-transfers carry appropriate fees.

* What computer platforms do you work on?

Family Photo Fix works with both Windows PC and Mac. We offer remote services for iCloud Photo Library clean-up along with other Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

* Can I work with you if I don’t live in Toronto?

YES! Because we live in a virtual world, most of our services for digital photo organization can be done remotely, like iCloud Photo Library clean-up. Client communication is done via Skype, FaceTime or phone. Please contact us to learn more about remote services.