* I’ve already organized my photo collection. Do I still need your service?

Absolutely! The advantage you have is that you have sorted out a lot of the chaos and we can jump right in and help you rationalize your family photo collection. Don’t automatically assume you have to digitize everything to make organizing these materials worthwhile. Digitizing a lifetime’s worth of photographic materials is expensive and often unnecessary. We can help you identify priorities and consult on the storage and preservation of your existing photographic materials so that you understand the risk of not digitizing something. We usually recommend digitizing the material that means the most to you if it was lost. Rationalization is the step of setting goals and priorities and matching your budget to it. Sharing your photo collection with others is one of the highest priorities our clients have. We can help you get there.

Learn more about rationalizing your photo collection.

*How much does this service cost?

It’s a great question and in all honesty, it depends. There are a lot of variables in photo organizing projects. Usually these projects are large and the activities to get organized might be staged in phases.

Things to be considered are:

  1. Your needs, goals and priorities (small projects=$ | large projects=$$$)
  2. The amount of photo content involved (low volume=$ | high volume=$$$)
  3. How do you want to be able to find your photos? (browse $ or search $$$)
  4. Do you want metadata added to each photo so they can be searched ($$$) or are you just looking to get your photo content into general categories to browse ($).
  5. Do you want archival storage materials for your originals? ($$$)
  6. Are you backed up or need a new digital photo workflow? (combines with #2 | ranges $ – $$$)
  7. The service level you expect (budget service=$ | white glove service=$$$)

In the Virtual Discovery Session, we help you define your needs and prioritize them. We also help translate your needs into an actionable plan based on your time and budget.

At the end of the 1 hour Virtual Discovery Session, you will have a plan to organize your photos. The cost is $100 CAD. There is no obligation to continue with us after that, but if you do— we will credit the cost of the Virtual Discovery Session at the end of your project. Learn more.

To get started in any photo organizing project with us, we recommend you consider a minimum budget of $500.

* Can I work with you if I don’t live in Toronto?

YES! Because we live in a virtual world, most of our services for digital photo organization can be done remotely, like iCloud Photo Library clean-up. Sessions can be done by Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or phone. Please contact us to learn more about remote services.

* What computer platforms do you work on?

Family Photo Fix works with both Windows PC and Mac. We offer remote services for iCloud Photo Library clean-up along with other Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

*My photos don’t sync and my Mac is slow when working with photos. Can you help me right now?

Some computer issues manifest themselves through performance problems when managing photos—either on Apple or PC platforms. Distinguishing between what may be an IT issue and a photo organizational issue may be difficult. If you’re not sure where to start to even describe the problem, we may be able to help bring definition to your issue over the phone and make referrals to an appropriate professional for resolution. However, we do not provide urgent IT technical support either by phone or by on-site visit for computer-based IT issues.

If you need help getting up and running again, we recommend your first line of defense be Apple Care or Apple phone support, a Genius Bar visit to your local Apple store or an on-site visit from your IT professional. After your computer-based IT issue is resolved, we can assist long-term if the issue you’re experiencing is the result of a photo collection that is too large to manage effectively anymore.

* Do I attempt to clean things up before I call you?

No, absolutely not! The value of our service is that we help you get organized and help define what your needs are based on your current situation. We will take you through a process that will help focus your goals in relation to your family photo collection. Don’t stress about getting organized enough to call us or try to figure out what you want. We will help you do that. Call us at any time or at any place you are in the process of your project and we can help get your family photo collection in the shape you want it to be in.

Learn more about road blocks to getting organized.

* Why are my family photographs fading and what can I do about it?

Unfortunately, photographic print papers will fade and change colour over time. This fading or deterioration process can be accelerated due to improper storage materials or improper storage conditions like keeping your photos in a hot attic or damp basement or  by hanging wall photos in direct sunlight. Scanning prints into digital format preserves them for the next generation. If you still have your film negatives or slides then it is always best practice and higher quality to scan from your original film.

Learn more about proper storage recommendations for your photographic materials.

* How do you do your scanning?

We use reputable third-party scanning companies for high volume and specialized scanning. Our vendors care about your memorabilia and have a trusted reputation for quality, service and loss prevention. For customized or personalized scans that may require minimal photo restoration using Adobe Photoshop, we use an in-house professional Epson V700 high resolution photo and negative scanner and do our own basic restoration. For more complex restoration work, we can refer you or provide third-party estimates. The sheer volume of materials that many of our clients possess does not allow us to do the scanning completely in-house on our own, however we work with quality scanning services through our partner network in Toronto, Canada.

* I have VHS tapes, Super 8mm film and audio tapes. Do you do outdated media conversion?

Yes, we can help advise you on outdated media conversion. We work with our third-party suppliers to provide you with high quality outdated media conversion for all elements of your family photo collection. If we can’t help you directly, we’ll help you find a vendor who can. You can let us handle it or we can refer you directly.

Learn more about Outdated Media Conversion services.