About You

You’re a busy person. Your children, regardless of age, demand your time. You have all the latest technology – iPhone, iPad, Mac. You take lots of pictures at home and when travelling. You always have your camera. You’d like to do things on your own but you need to be pointed in the right direction to learn how to do things in the right way. You are motivated to get your photos organized but you just have no time. If you had more time, you’d hit the spa. You feel guilty because you like to save everything with hope one day you’d have time to create a perfect masterpiece of family memories. But, your baby books and wedding photos sit in boxes in the basement. It’s hard to throw anything away and as a result you feel paralyzed to move forward to make decisions about your photos. You like high quality and personal things and when you do give gifts you like to recall favourite memories using photos. You have lots of ideas and motivation but now things feel out of control.

Or maybe this is you?

You’ve entered a new phase of life. The kids have left the nest and you have more time on your hands. Maybe you’ve experienced a loss. Somehow you’ve inherited boxes and boxes of family photos and you know that you want to preserve the memories they contain and you want to pass stories down to the next generation. You may be overwhelmed by the years and years that have gone by and the amount of photos that have accumulated without any organization or purpose. You are downsizing into a smaller home and you don’t have the room for boxes and boxes of photo albums. Your extended family members look to you to be the family historian and are consistently asking about certain photos and when they can get copies. You’re not the best with technology but you are excited by its potential. You don’t know how to start and you feel pressure that it’s time to make a decision about what to do.

If these people sound like you, you may need a Photo Mentor. At Family Photo Fix, our service is designed with exactly the challenges you face in mind. A Photo Mentor is a professional photo organizer who works with you on a long-term ongoing basis to complete photo organization projects that make a difference in your life. With Nancy as your photo mentor, she helps guide you as you work together, so that you can learn and take over when you feel comfortable. Or you can just sit back and relax knowing that things are taken care of by her. What makes Nancy different, is that she is a specialist in analyzing your photo collection and assessing your needs around it. She transfers that knowledge into a strategic plan that can be executed in small digestible projects – that get done!

Sharing your photos is one of the best end goals to have. Sharing memories makes connections with family stronger and more rewarding, but it’s hard to do when things are a mess.

Contact Nancy to learn more about working with a Photo Mentor and get on board!