What’s your family story?

Why are we organizing photos? 
Telling your family story is more than just an organized folder structure on the computer. Your story means something to you, your kids, your parents, your spouse, your friends… It’s these stories that bind us together. As humans, we are simply wired for storytelling through memories, pictures and narratives. Stories help us to connect with others, establish meaning in our lives and can protect others from making wrong turns on the road of life. Ultimately, we organize family photos in order to share them.

Why do we take photos?
The moments we choose to capture mean something to us. Otherwise why bother to click the shutter? And whatever the meaning is, we want to save it—capture it—even savour it, like a fine wine for another day of remembering. We take photos to tell the stories of our lives. It’s that important.

At its foundation, our organization service is built on finding the special memories that may have been lost or forgotten in order to bring them out, re-purpose them and get them ready to share and connect you with the ones who matter most, now and in the future.

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