Digital Photo Organization

Our core service revolves around digital photo organization. We will create an organizational system to match your needs, your technical ability and your photographic content.

Family Photo Fix icon of file folder representing photo organizationLevel I Digital Organization is the creation of a Family Photo Hub – a hierarchical folder structure of your digital images or digitized print photos is organized on your computer as a main archive for all of your digital photography across your various devices or social media platforms.
Level I involves: consolidation of digital photos, renaming of files, duplicate removal, basic photo editing through software. Stop here at Level I and know that you can easily find your photos and have built a foundation for organization or keep going to Level II to start preserving family photos and stories for the next generation.

Level II Digital Organization takes your Family Photo Hub to the next level by creating descriptions, tags and keywords in the form of metadata to assist in a more advanced way of finding and archiving your photos on your local computer or using third party web-based software applications that are a good match for you.

Both Level I and Level II digital organization involves scoping a project based on your unique needs, determining the amount of photo content involved, number of project hours required to complete and your budget.

***Remote or long distance digital organization is available. Please contact us for further information.***