Print Organization & Scanning

Family Photo Fix icon representing preservation of photosTraditional photographic materials deteriorate. Age and poor storage conditions are key factors in how quickly this happens.
Print Organization and Scanning reduces photo clutter and preserves your photos before it’s too late.

The way to preserve your print photos is to scan the negatives or prints into digital format and consider archival storage materials for the originals.

This step involves:

    • Sorting and Physical Organizationhourly or day rates are typically available but are limited due to Covid-19 pandemic. Alternative Covid-safe processes are available to get organized and get your materials to the scanner. Please inquire.
    • Archival Storage Solutions – by quotation
    • Scanning– Prints, Negatives, and Slides by quotation 
    • Outdated Media Conversion – Super 8, VHS, Audio & more
    • Photo Restoration – by quotation
  • Special memories and family stories get uncovered through the sorting process and can be used later on when considering metadata inclusion with your digital archive. Print organization & scanning is quoted based on your unique needs and your priorities after we meet for the Virtual Discovery Session.