Remote Digital Photo Organization during Covid

Do you need help managing your digital photos?

We can help you remotely regardless of where you are. If you’re struggling trying to organize your digital photos or you’ve already had a catastrophic loss of your digital photo library and want to do things better, we can assist. Chat with us to see how we can help.

Is your iCloud Photo Library
out of control?

Family Photo Fix - Digital Photo Organization done remotely
Digital photos not syncing on all devices?

We can help you clean up your iCloud Photo Library remotely (includes Apple Photos on your iPhone, iPad and Mac).
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Can you relate to any of this?

  • You’re paying high storage fees and haven’t considered an alternative
  • You can’t find the really important photos
  • Your photo library does not sync
  • You’re waiting days for photos to download
  • Too many duplicates or similar photos of the same subjects
Family Photo Fix - Digital Photo Organization done remotely
Digital Photo Organization

Is your Android phone backing up
to Google Photos?

Did you know that Google has recently announced a change to their free unlimited storage plan for Google Photos? As of June 1, 2021, Google will no longer be offering free unlimited storage for high quality photos.

Have you considered what this means for the way you manage your digital photos? We can help. Even during Covid, we are still working remotely.

Is this your issue?

  • Your photo library is too large to manage
  • You need a plan to optimize photo storage
  • You need a new or improved digital photo workflow
Family Photo Fix - Digital Photo Organization done remotely
Virtual Photo Coaching & Consulting

Are your digital photos backed up?

If the digital photos on your computer are not backed up with multiple copies in different locations—you’re at risk of losing them.

Backing up your digital photos is the first step to getting organized and the only step that prevents catastrophic loss of your memories. Learn more…

3-2-1 backup strategy

Are you overwhelmed by photo albums or boxes of prints that need decluttering?

Photo chaos got you down?

Our Covid-safe scanning process can help you get things sorted out prior to scanning.

A customized organizational system can be created together virtually so that your photos arrive at the scanner organized upfront. We will arrange for pick-up of your materials and help you get a quote for scanning with one of our vendors. Our onsite organization services have been temporarily discontinued due to Covid. But we can still help you remotely.

Family Photo Fix - Digital Photo Organization done remotely
Print Scanning

Are you ready to get organized?

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