Nancy Nickels is a professional photo manager who helps busy people organize, preserve and share their family photo collections.

Family Photo Fix evolved out of Nancy’s own personal journey of inheriting three generations of her family’s historical photo collection. She understands what it’s like to be overwhelmed by photo chaos. The best part about working with her is—she knows how to clean it up.

Nancy’s background includes:

  • Knowledge in the preservation and archiving of photographic materials from education in still photography and a decade spent with Kodak Canada in the 90’s.
  • Evolution as a digital content manager over the last twenty years working on a gamut of web projects for interactive agencies, companies and financial institutions.
  • Expertise in repurposing large volumes of digital content while respecting and maintaining the integrity of the material.
  • An appreciation about the emotional value placed on photographic memories by family members.
  • A mission to give purpose to your family snapshots and bring precious memories back into your life to save for future generations.

Nancy can help with a variety of photo management issues but finds that people who are busy parents, downsizing their home, retiring or memorializing a loved one after loss are in need of her family photo organization services the most.

Here’s what one client said about Nancy’s work:

“I had inherited 3 generations of family photos: my grandparents, my Mom and Dad’s and my own family. I needed a comprehensive plan for the boxes and bins of photos scattered around my living room floor. Nancy’s approach to organizing photos was seamless. I thought it was great and a terrific help to me. I am much more organized now. Things are streamlined and much easier to store. They don’t take up so much room and we discarded non essentials. The material will be safely preserved. The money spent was well worth what I have secured for future generations.”

Local GTA client of a Family Legacy Project

To learn more about photo organization and preserving your family legacy by digitizing your family photo collection, contact us.

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