Already organized? You still need us…

Don’t just organize—make good decisions

You don’t have to be disorganized to need our service. We love clients who are organized. It means we can get right into the rationalization step of organizing your family photo collection. When we work together to rationalize your photo collection, we evaluate it based on your true budget and your end goals.

The value of keeping memorabilia
Unfortunately, like any service, there is expense associated with scanning original materials. Psychologically, we often justify our monetary spends based on the personal value we attach to the item. Ask yourself this question – “How important are these photographs to me if they are lost forever? How much do I need this?”

Priceless or just clutter
It’s difficult, if not impossible, to put a price on irreplaceable photographic material, but if there is sentimental value attached to your photos then that photo means something to you. Most people don’t consider their photographic materials as just media in isolation, they associate them with a time period that was reminiscent of their life’s experiences. So we ask you, how much is it worth to you to save your memories? Only you know.

Why are you doing this?
A true budget is a real number that exists to create an organizational strategy around. Your end goal is your ideal outcome from us working together. How do you want to feel once your photos are organized and what do you want to do with them? Digitizing everything as a default is not always feasible nor is it even advisable.

Save the old stuff
We recommend as a first step to evaluate your collection based on the risk of catastrophic deterioration. We are experts in consulting on how photographic materials deteriorate. The film or prints older than 50 years and materials stored poorly will benefit from being digitized if you want to preserve them. If you don’t care about the old or damaged stuff, then let’s start talking about the memories you do care about.

Define your priorities
Do you want to:

  • Create a family legacy – Tell the stories and save the photos to show future generations
  • Reduce Clutter – reduce the amount of physical materials due to lack of space or storage
  • Secure and Protect – create a layer of protection against loss
  • Downsize – you need to move but what do you do with the family photo collection?
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety – there’s stress and anxiety associated with chaotic spaces and the knowledge that things could be better organized and in better condition—but aren’t
  • Find your memories – if you can’t find it, you can’t share it. Knowing you take a ton of photos but can’t refer back to them when you want is frustrating
  • Highlight special moments – photo books, photo gifts, posters, calendars and framing pictures are great ways to commemorate a special occasion
  • Share memories and make connections – Remember when? Reminiscing about the good or bad times can be fulfilling and healing. It connects us with others and provides meaning to our experiences.

In our 2 hour Discovery Session we will:

  • Review the contents of your family photo collection
  • Understand your ideal outcomes for us working together
  • Recommend improvements to photo storage
  • Help you to define your budget
  • Determine a strategy based on your goals

Contact us for a 20 minute complimentary phone session to learn more about how you can benefit from photo organization services and get a Discovery Session booked.