Virtual Discovery Session

Creating a plan only takes 1 hour

The Virtual Discovery Session is a 1 hour consultation by phone, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime to discuss your family photo collection and come up with an actionable plan on how to organize it.

The purpose of the Virtual Discovery Session is to:

  • Overview the contents of your family photo collection
  • Discuss your needs and what you would like to do
  • Develop a plan that suits your time involvement and your budget

Cost: $100 CAD

Please note:

Some preparation is required on your part in order to get the most from the session. We will provide step by step written guidance on what you need to do to prepare. 

There is no obligation to continue on with our services after the Virtual Discovery Session, but we certainly hope that you do! You will walk away after 1 hour with us with a phased actionable plan to tackle organizing your family photo collection based on your needs and budget. If you decide to continue working with us, we will credit back the cost of this session at the end of your project. *Project value must be $1000 and up to qualify.