How do I store my print photographs?

Often family photo collections are stored in warm humid attics, hot dusty storage lockers or damp musty basements. These conditions are the worst for the longevity of traditional silver halide based photographic materials.

The general rule of thumb is that photographic materials want to live where you live – in a moderate temperature environment with controllable humidity and without severe temperature swings. When photographic materials are housed in the proper archival storage boxes, aim for storage temperature ranges between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is better to avoid temperature swings than be too fussed about the actual temperature, as long it is in the above range. Because silver halide photographic materials have an organic element in their manufacture, high humidity conditions contribute to mold growth. Aim for RH (relative humidity) values between 40 to 50%.

Click here to review Kodak’s recommendations for storage of your traditional film and paper based photographic materials.

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