What do photo organizers do?

Photo organizers help build bridges from analog to digital photo technology so you can share your photos with others seamlessly using both print and digital solutions. How much a photo organizer is needed or involved is completely up to the client and it is always based on the client’s unique situation, needs and budget.

Photo organization projects are customized to the client but here are some typical things we do:

Create new organization systems and photo workflows for print and digital photos
Fine-tune existing systems to sort and organize photos
—Produce one-off projects like custom photo books or photo gifts for a special event
—Manage large long-term archival photo projects that involve scanning a lifetime’s worth of photos
Organize digital and printed photographs or albums
Convert outdated media into current digital formats
Install back-up systems to ensure you don’t lose your photos
—Technology instruction and coaching
Scan photo prints, slides and negatives
Cleanup out of control Apple Photo libraries

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