Will your photos be there for your grandchildren?

In the chaos of the musty basement storage unit or the computer that has no back up, will your photos make it to the next generation? The desire to connect with our past is a growing trend and a real human need. Baby boomers are looking for a way to leave their families a sense of familial lineage. Genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America with websites to find long lost family roots and DNA kits tracing family heritage.

Photo Organizers are part of the solution
No one wants to get caught asking:

  • “Who was that in that old photograph?”
  • “Why didn’t I ask my parents or grandparents while they were still alive?”
  • “Where did our family come from?”

Your gift of family stories
Organizing your family photo collection can unearth your most precious memories and impact future generations by bringing to life family stories, meaningful traditions and life lessons. The next generation won’t value what you owned or the contents of your curio cabinet as much as they will value knowing how you lived, how you came to be and in turn how they came to be. It’s the family stories that make the undertaking of organizing your family photo collection worth the effort and expense.

Pass it down to future generations
We live in a disposable world. If it breaks get a new one. If you don’t like it, throw it out. If they don’t have it, find it on the internet and get it shipped. Believe it or not, the age old concept of passing down treasured objects and family history is becoming valued again in our disposable world.

Downsize with purpose
Many baby boomers are getting ready to pass their family photo collections down to the next generation. Through the downsizing process you may need help reducing the amount of memorabilia you have, highlighting the important photos, removing the unnecessary stuff, and polishing up the collection with the family story. If this is you, we can help.

Learn more about the current trend and expanding hobby of genealogy and contact us for more information about digital family archives.