Love Your Photos

Find Harmony. Create Order. Maximize Time.

Between the overwhelming numbers of digital photos we take — to all of our historical print photographs, photo albums and negatives in the basement— we’re all overwhelmed with photo clutter. What’s stopping you from organizing all this chaos so you can find the memories that matter most and share them to make connections with family? It’s not technology, although it can be a barrier. It’s the fact that photo organization is emotional business.

Stress doesn’t come from clutter itself. Anxiety builds from not knowing what to do with the clutter. Even if we can bring ourselves to start the enormous task of sorting through our photos, we often get sidetracked by reminiscing and then stop  completely because we don’t know what to do with all of our saved memorabilia.

What’s stopping you from loving your photos?

Common excuses to not get organized:
1. It won’t make a difference
2. I have more important things to do
3. I know where everything is
4. It won’t stay organized

Excuse #1: It won’t make a difference
Organizing does make a difference. Time spent now, is time saved later. If you have a clear vision of the value of being organized, you will be more accepting that you can do this (with our help) and you will be more willing to make the time and investment that will benefit you in the end.

After our service, you’ll be able to:

  • Find or reference a photo that comes to mind quickly through your digital family photo hub without endless hours of searching
  • Share your favourite memories with family through a custom website, third-party photo sharing app, or a custom photo book
  • Preserve important family stories that contribute to passing on your family legacy to the next generation
  • Sleep easier knowing you have an organizational system that is scalable for your future needs

Excuse #2: I have more important things to do
Actually, you  probably do. That’s why our service exists. Photo organizing is what we love to do. Sorting through stacks and stacks of photos is labour intensive. Photo organization projects often fall to the bottom of the list in today’s demands for our time. Let us help you get a plan together and execute on it. Trust us, it will get done.

Excuse #3: I know where everything is
You probably do. But does everyone else? The benefit of having an organizational system is that anyone can come in and access the photos they need, when they need them. If something happens to you or you forget, precious memories that are being saved for your children and their kids, may be lost. It’s a risk. Don’t take it.

Excuse #4: It won’t stay organized
Our solutions are designed to be scalable — which means that your organizational solution is designed to grow with you and your needs. We can train you in the workflow of your system so that you can maintain it yourself or you can retain us with a customized maintenance plan that works for you. There isn’t much use to invest in an organizational system that only works for a brief period of time and then becomes a mess again.

So forget your excuses and let’s get going. Get clear on the vision for your family photos — take our online questionnaire.

We want you to love your photos!