Digital Photo Organization

Our core service revolves around digital photo organization which is done remotely. We will create an organizational system to match your needs, your technical ability and your photos.

Family Photo Fix icon of file folder representing photo organizationTwo levels of Digital Photo Organization:

Level I – Basic – Folder structure categories in browsable folders
Level II – Advanced – Metadata added to each file for searchable photos
  • Basic Digital Photo Organization is the creation of a Family Photo Hub and backup system. A photo management system is created that is organized by chronological date or your subject matter categories.
    • Browsable – scroll and drill down to find what you are looking for
    • Portable – stored on an external hard drive that fits in the palm of your hand and transports easily
    • Works for both digital photos and scanned print photos
    • Acts as a primary¬†archive for all of your images across your various devices and social media platforms
  • Advanced Digital Photo Organization builds on basic organization and involves working with your photos at the individual file level to make them searchable online or on your computer. Additional services that can be done in advanced organization:
    • Renaming digital files with names that have context for findability
    • Sequencing – especially for scanned print photos that are out of order
    • Dating – identifying dates of historical print photos
    • Descriptions, tags and keywords – give you the ability to find specific people or events in a flash
    • View and store your photos online in a photo sharing app or cloud service that is easily searchable using search terms and keywords

We work in both PC and MAC platforms with Adobe Lightroom and Apple Photos as our key organizational tools. Other programs are utilized when needed. So, regardless of what platform you work on and where you are, let’s work together to create an easy way for you to file and access your photos in a sustainable organizational system that grows with you, helps you stay in control of your memories and keeps them safe for future generations.

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