Digital Archives (local & cloud)

Benefits of a Digital Archive

  • Saves your photos and family history for the benefit of the next generation
  • Storage for large volumes of digital photos
  • Key details can be added to enhance each image and capture associated family stories that otherwise would be lost
  • Improves the ability to find the exact photo you are looking for
  • Archived on the local computer drive but third-party software like Adobe Lightroom can be utilized if needed
  • Photos can be enhanced with metadata for online photo applications and online sharing
  • Annual subscription fees may apply

Take your Family Photo Hub to the next level by adding metadata  (data about each image within your archive). Keywords for easy and efficient searching, descriptions and captions can be added to each individual photo and stored in a large archive for access by future generations.

Digital Archives are quoted based on your unique needs, technical solution selected, quantity of photos and amount of metadata inclusion.