Disaster Proof Your Photos

Protect your family memories

Most people and families invest in insurance to protect their home, businesses, belongings and vehicles from loss. In contrast, on average, families invest very little time or money to ensure their family photo collection is safe. When interviewed most would agree that their family photos are priceless and irreplaceable. So where’s the disconnect?

Don’t wait to protect your family photos from disaster

Often after some kind of catastrophic loss, we often hear people regretfully say, “And the worst thing is…I lost all of my family photos.” And yet, so many of our family photo collections sit unorganized, deteriorating and inaccessible in cardboard boxes in the attic or basement.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. If you live in a place where uncertain weather events come up or even if you don’t, the unexpected can happen. House fires, basement floods, computer crashes and theft can destroy your family photos and steal your memories.

How to start
What happens if your prints and photo albums get damaged? Do you have backups? Are your photos digitized and preserved for the future? If you have a 3-2-1 back-up strategy in place and you have to evacuate your home quickly, just grab the external hard drive (s) and go. It’s that easy.

Our photos are everywhere
If the memories your photos contain mean anything to you—protect them. Consolidation of your family photo collection into a digital archive is the first step. 

Step 1: Consolidate and Gather
Where are your photos?

  • Loose camera SD cards
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital Cameras
  • Other folders on your computer
  • Laptop
  • The cloud
  • Original prints with no other original
  • Photo albums
  • Framed photos hanging on the wall
  • Loose photos in boxes and envelopes
  • Social Media accounts

Start gathering your photos and Contact us to find out how we can help disaster proof your family photo collection.


We can work with your digital or print photos regardless of where you are.
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