Mold Growing on Photos

If you’ve had previous water damage from a basement flood and even if you haven’t, mold can proliferate rapidly and in large quantities on photographic materials (photographic prints and film negatives) in high humidity environments like those found in a damp basement or in a hot attic.

Due to the health hazards associated with mold, unfortunately, we are unable to undertake organization projects where mold is present on photographic materials or present in any way in the home or premises involved.

We will assess isolated situations on an individual basis where a small amount of mold may be present on select films or prints. The lab we deal with will not accept materials with mold but may be able to “spot clean” a small amount of mold off of a limited quantity as a special request. If you suspect you have mold on something irreplaceable, take a picture of it and send it to us.

In the event you are able to salvage your moldy contaminated originals and after they are in digital format, we welcome the opportunity to assess your digital photo organization project. Don’t wait until your precious photos get to this stage.

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