How do you do your scanning?

We use professional photo scanners to preserve and digitize your photographs. Taking your fragile photographs to the office copier/scanner at work is not a solution we recommend. For fragile photos that require special handling and photo restoration using Adobe Photoshop, we use an in-house professional Epson V700 high resolution photo and negative scanner to do our own flatbed scanning. Our feeder scanner can also handle custom volume work efficiently.

However, the sheer volume and variety of materials that many of our clients possess doesn’t always allow us to do all scanning completely in-house. We also partner with professional scanning and restoration services through our network in Toronto, Canada and worldwide depending on your project needs. Our vendors care about your memorabilia and have a trusted reputation for quality, service and loss prevention.

When you work with us, we handle the technical stuff. There are no worries on your end about photo resolution requirements and colour balance issues. We handle it. The added value we bring is that your photos are organized upfront before they get to the scanner to ensure a smooth transition to the digital end product you want. We also manage and guarantee the quality of the scans and the photo restorations, so that your digital archive is ready for the next generation.

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